Luminas StaminaPro Strip – 10 Pack


Train Harder. Recover Faster. StaminaPro Patch.

  • FDA Class 1 Product
  • 24-hour pain relief
  • Drug-Free
  • Stays on all-day

The StaminaPRo Patch has 200 of natural ingredients that are known to target inflammation. StaminaPro takes the electronic signatures of these ingredients and puts them into the adhesive. Through energy transfer technology the 200 electronic signatures will activate and target inflammation while you train.

10 Strips (2” x 10”)

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Staminapro patches use Energy Medicine Technology to deliver the power of more than 200 natural constituents known to reduce inflammation. Less inflammation leads to faster recovery and ultimately better performance.

Athletes push their bodies to the limit, which produces inflammation that cause muscle fatigue and soreness. The Staminapro patch is the first of its kind to reduce inflammation before, during, and after activity allowing you to train harder, recover faster, and perform better.

10 Strips (2” x 10”)